“Before I had to sit out on some things, and now I don’t have to sit out any more.”

-Teresa Bell-Stephens

“I looked at the picture and I didn’t recognize myself, and I certainly don’t want to die young.”

-Elliot Avidan

“It was about my family.”

-Jamie Dukes

In early 2015, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) released It Starts Today, a motivational video telling the powerfully inspirational stories of a nurse, military veteran and former NFL player — all of whom had bariatric surgery.

The This Time It Counts project was launched in order to provide a space for the many people who have had bariatric surgery and want to share their own unique weight-loss journey through video. The site provides a welcoming environment for them to talk about their motivation for surgery and the personal successes reached because of their life-changing surgery.

Our goal is that prospective patients can review these videos and find commonality and inspiration. They will hear why others chose surgery and see the physical and emotional changes that the surgery enabled.

ASMBS recognizes the courage needed to have weight loss surgery and applaud you in your commitment. We encourage you to use This Time It Counts to help you share your journey with others who are considering bariatric surgery.

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